Brooke Emery

When she is not taking stand up comedy class with her husband, Brooke loves to create win/win partnerships, business development, and holding people accountable in a fun way while doing GOOD in the world. Brooke loves to work with people who are fun, creative, and bringing consciousness to the planet. She gets high off connecting people and has two divinely beautiful daughters. For a virtual coffee chat on your strategic alliance needs get in touch below. recognized Brooke as a natural connector who has a jelly bean jar of creatively brilliant people in her life. She is a secret weapon for many visionaries, best-selling authors, and speakers who come to her for connections and business development.
“I’m the person who talks to you on the airplane, I am a people collector.” Such outgoing behavior has helped her amass what she calls her “jellybean jar of people.”
Brooke Emery – The Best Places To Network – 5/04/2007

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